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We probably know a lot about the nature of how solar electricity works. But to know deeper and broader, you need to understand the technical terms. Here are 9 common terms in the solar power industry that you will most often encounter.

Solar power each has its own meaning. But in general, both reflect two common aspects. Firstly, using solar power helps greener life, creating many practical benefits for the environment by doing small things yourself. The second is to improve spending to bring a stable economic source for the family and society. And to make optimal use of solar power we need to understand them well.

1. Photovoltaics (PV)

Commonly known as PV. It stands for the word Photovoltaics does that mean photoelectricPhotoelectricity is the transformation Optical power wall Electrical Power through the photoelectric effect, by using semiconductor materials. This is a physical phenomenon. Studied photochemistry and electrochemistry.

PV is increasingly becoming the cheapest source of electricity in areas with year-round hot climates. Vietnam is one of them.

2. Solar Farm

Solar farm is the English word that means solar farm. This is a large-scale and large-capacity solar power system. Usually they have a capacity of 2MW or more. The easiest to see is the investment in combination with the livestock farm taking advantage of the solar panels above. In addition, they can also be installed on land or sea surface.

The Sutter Greenworks Solar Site in Calverton, New York. Photographer: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America

3. Solar Rooftop

Solar Rooftop is the English name of the rooftop solar power system. People usually call it rooftop solar powerRoof system usually installed for households, supermarkets, small and medium-sized manufacturing factories. Power falls between 3KW and 100KW

LYS project implemented by BEC company with a capacity of 1000kWp in Quang Ngai

4. Solar Module

Solar Modules is the English name of solar battery. The name comes from the structure of a solar panel. The battery surface is a collection of photovoltaic cell modules arranged in a certain order.

5. Solar Panel

Solar Panel It's also the most commonly used term Solar Modules. Also used to refer to plate solar battery. Indispensable equipment in the industry solar power industry. Helps convert the sun's proton energy into DC electricity.

6. Mono battery

Mono battery is a form of solar cell produced by single silicon crystal pure to 99%. Power generation efficiency is 3 times that of conventional batteries. Top in quality and price. Has a uniform black color without any impurities.

7. Poly . battery

poly . battery is a type of solar cell produced by polycrystalline silicon. Has the largest usable area today. Low cost, pocket friendly. Relatively great performance There is a blue color and uneven coloration, sometimes yellow or black spots or lines appear due to the color of the material. Rapid production by direct melting and cooling.

8. Half cell battery

Half cell battery is a new generation solar cell. Using technology to split cells by laser beam. Optimizing panel area by dividing cells. To increase battery capacity. So a half-cell panel has twice as many photovoltaic cells as traditional batteries.

9. Perc Technology

PERC technology stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell passive luminescence technology. The structure is designed differently than conventional batteries, the reflective cells are located below the surface of the battery to reflect the electrons obtained from the solar energy to regenerate again, this is a way to increase efficiency. panel capacity in the same surface area.


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