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Solar power is no longer a luxury for consumers in Vietnam. The installation of Grid Solar Power System for Households and Businesses has gradually become popular.

Why use solar power?

Our country is endowed by nature among some Southeast Asian countries with the most sunshine distribution in the year on the world's solar radiation map, so Vietnam has great potential for electricity. amount of sun as well as recycled energy Generally speaking.
Solar power investment 1 time, benefits over 30 years

  • Save 100% on electricity costs, improve quality of life
  • Increase the value and aesthetics of the house
  • Grid-connected solar power system save investment costs and have a lifespan of over 35 years
  • Generate income from the government's electricity purchase policy for 20 years

VGS . grid-tied solar power system

Structure and operating principle of VGS . solar power system:

From a 12-24v solar panel system, light is converted into electricity, creating direct current (DC). This current is transmitted to the Solar Charger Controller (Solar Charger Controller), which is an electronic device that automatically controls the charging process of the battery and discharging electricity from the battery to electrical devices. one-way (DC).

In case the capacity of the solar PV battery system and the electricity stored in the batteries is large enough, the system will have an additional exciter (Inverter) to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) 220V, Can be used for most household electrical appliances (lights, fans, computers, TVs...).

VGS rooftop solar installation models:

* The system does not have a battery storage system, only used when there is solar energy
* The system has a storage battery system for use when there is not enough solar energy
* The system can connect to the national electricity grid (on grid solar system), supplying electricity to the grid as a generator
* The system works independently (off grid solar system) as an electric back-up system.

1. Solar Panels (Solar Panels)

Some basic information about genuine solar panels at Vo Gia Solar:

* Performance: from 16% – 20%
* Common power: from 275Wp to 400 Wp
* Number of cells per panel: 60 & 72 cells
* Cell size: 5″ – 6″
* Cell type: monocrystalline and polycrystalline
* Material of frame: aluminum
* Average life of panels: over 30 years

Solar panels installed outdoors in order to receive the best sunlight from the sun should be designed with special features and materials, able to withstand extremes of weather and gases. Afternoon, temperature…

2. Inverter

3. DC/AC . protection cabinet

4. 2-way power meter

5. Remote monitoring system

Who is VGS grid-tied solar power system for?

VGS rooftop solar power system is suitable for all families, villas and businesses. Equipment such as air conditioners, fans, elevators, lighting... In offices that consume a lot of electricity during the day, it is recommended to install solar batteries for grid-connected systems today.
In addition, manufacturing plants consume large amounts of electricity. Using solar power will save a lot of monthly electricity costs. Bringing stability and high efficiency in business and production. Install solar panels right away to save costs.

The capacity of the system depends on the size of the project and the specific electricity consumption level of each individual family or business. In addition, the choice of capacity also depends on the pocket of each customer. Therefore, the size of the system can extend from one KW to several MW.

So grid-tied solar power system should be applied for the following projects:

  • Install rooftop solar power for grid connected or storage households.
  • Grid-connected solar power is used for factories, factories and businesses.
  • Applications in offices, buildings.
  • Installing grid-tied solar power for use in hospitals and schools.
  • Application for supermarkets, commercial centers.
  • In addition, it is also widely used in railway stations, bus stations, airports ...
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