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    Officetel building Wilton tower Nguyen Van Thuong,
    Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


2021 is an opportunity for leaps and bounds in various photovoltaic markets in China and around the world, and most companies like the top 5 pv inverter manufacturers in China have achieved Head galloping two-way about

Installing Rooftop Grid Solar Power for Households, Businesses

Solar power is no longer a luxury for consumers in Vietnam. The installation of Grid Solar Power System for Households and Businesses has gradually become popular. Why use solar power? Our country is endowed by nature in a

Solar power system, structure and principle of operation

Solar power is gradually becoming the trend of the future because it is a clean renewable energy source, bringing a lot of benefits as well as being friendly to the environment. 1. What is a solar power system? The solar power system is an effective system

About Bestiani . Technology Joint Stock Company

BEC is a company specializing in renewable energy under the Bestiani group. The origin of this Italian company dates back to 1950, when businessman Angelo Bestiani founded the company in his home in Melegnano (Milan). Bestiani has been operating for more than 65 years in the field of Mechanical Engineering