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Battery Energy Storage System

SOLUTION WHAT IS BATTERY ENEGRY STORAGE SYSTEM (BESS)? BESS stands for Battery Energy Storage Systems (“Energy Storage Systems”). The solution is a system that can charge and store energy by charging currents from solar panels into stored batteries.

Solar terms

We probably know a lot about the nature of how solar electricity works. But to know deeper and broader, you need to understand the technical terms. Here are 9 common terms in the solar power industry that you will often encounter


2021 is an opportunity for leaps and bounds in various photovoltaic markets in China and around the world, and most companies like the top 5 pv inverter manufacturers in China have achieved Head galloping two-way about


BEC always considers human resources as the most valuable asset and the key to the success and future development of BEC. BEC's workforce has over 10 years of experience in the field of solar power, with dozens of experts and engineers.

Installing Rooftop Grid Solar Power for Households, Businesses

Solar power is no longer a luxury for consumers in Vietnam. The installation of Grid Solar Power System for Households and Businesses has gradually become popular. Why use solar power? Our country is endowed by nature in a

Solar power system, structure and principle of operation

Solar power is gradually becoming the trend of the future because it is a clean renewable energy source, bringing a lot of benefits as well as being friendly to the environment. 1. What is a solar power system? The solar power system is an effective system

Vietnamese solar cells imported into the US are exempt from tax

On June 6, US President Joe Biden announced a 24-month tax exemption for solar panels imported from four Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. In the notice “Declaration of a state of emergency allows temporary extension and duty-free import